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Electrical Panel work at Power Electric are the industry standard in the greater Shoreline Area. See below to learn about the importance of electrical panels. We do not cut corners, we won’t hit you with hidden fees and we will certainly not over promise on time and quality. If a job is going to take a few weeks we will be upfront with you about that and not say we will have it done in a matter of days just to get the sale. We aren’t in this for transactional relationships, we are in the business of building strong relationships. We hope you give us a chance to build one with you.

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Importance of Quality Electrical Panels

Quality electrical panels are important because they play a crucial role in the overall safety and functionality of a home or building’s electrical system. The electrical panel, also known as a breaker box or fuse box, is the central hub of the electrical system, distributing power throughout the building and protecting the electrical system from overloads and short circuits.


A quality electrical panel will have the capacity to handle the electrical needs of the building and the ability to safely and effectively distribute power to the various circuits. It will have the proper number of circuits and breakers to accommodate the electrical load, and the breakers will be properly sized and rated to protect the circuits and the building.


Additionally, a quality electrical panel will have proper grounding and bonding, which is essential to ensure safety and reduce the risk of electrical fires. A quality panel also will be up to code and meet the latest safety standards.


Inadequate or outdated electrical panels can lead to a number of problems, including electrical fires, power outages, and damage to electrical devices. Investing in a quality electrical panel can provide peace of mind and help protect the safety of the building’s residents.



Our Installation Process

The electrical panel installation process typically includes the following steps:


Inspection and assessment: An electrician will inspect the existing electrical panel and assess the electrical needs of the building. They will determine the appropriate size and type of panel, as well as the number of circuits and breakers needed.


Obtaining permits: The electrician will obtain the necessary permits from local authorities before proceeding with the installation.


Disconnecting power: The electrician will disconnect power to the existing panel by turning off the main breaker or pulling the meter.


Removing the old panel: The electrician will remove the old panel, including any old wiring and breakers, and dispose of it properly.


Installing the new panel: The electrician will install the new panel, including running new wiring and connecting the new breakers. They will also ensure that the panel is properly grounded and bonded.


Testing and inspection: The electrician will test the new panel to ensure that it is functioning properly and meets all safety standards. They will also schedule an inspection by the local authorities to ensure that it meets code requirements.


Restoring power: Once the inspection is complete and the panel is deemed safe, the electrician will restore power to the building.


It is important to note that this process may vary depending on the specific conditions of the building, and the complexity of the project. A licensed electrician should be consulted for a specific installation process, and to make sure that the installation is performed in a safe and code-compliant manner.

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